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A certified nursing assistant or CNA is one of the most important roles in the health care team. Opportunity to Make a Difference – You will work directly with patients and their families.
Opportunity to Specialize – Being a CNA is a fantastic way to start a more specialized nursing career should you choose to do so. Job Stability – Being a CNA offers tremendous job stability because the demand will always be there, and will continue to grow. Wide Experience – By being a CNA, you can experience the various medical fields that exist, which is a great way to choose what sort of specialization you would like to obtain if you ever decide to study on. Opportunity for Network Connections – As a CNA, you will also develop relationships with other nurses who have higher qualifications. Easier to Get Accepted in Nursing Programs – As a CNA, it may be easier to gain access to other nursing programs, in particular accelerated ones. Transferable Credit – Your CNA experience may be classed as a transferable credit for further education, even in non-nursing fields.
Affordable Courses – Anyone who is employed in the field of health care is committed to their continuous professional education. Personal and Professional Pride – You will have personal and professional pride, and deservedly so.
Ability to Take Care of Loved Ones Better – You can apply you professional knowledge to your personal life as well. Many people choose this option because they are unsure about what they want to do in the field of healthcare. Disclosure: We strive to provide information on this website that is accurate, complete and timely, but we make no guarantees about the information, the selection of schools, school accreditation status, the availability of or eligibility for financial aid, employment opportunities or education or salary outcomes.
This means you truly have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people in a positive way. You could study on to become a registered nurse (RN) or you could specialize in fields such as surgery or pediatric care. However, in order to become a CNA, you can take various community classes, many of which are available online.

Indeed, with the changing picture of the healthcare industry, it is believed that the demand for CNAs is one of the best.
This can be anything from a small retirement community in a rural state to a major hospital in a big city. Although some CNAs will eventually shift to other kinds of work, others work in private clinics and have regular 9 to 5 jobs. Although a failing economy may mean that you will not get a wage increase, you don’t have to worry about actually losing your job. Although a very demanding position, you will get the satisfaction of helping people feel better.
As you can demonstrate that you have working experience in the field, it will be more likely for you to be accepted to these programs. The courses you will take to become a CNA tend to be far more affordable than other types of training while not being any less important. Your job is physically and emotionally demanding, which means you will be suitable for any other job that has similar demands.
You are truly making a difference in the lives of other people and this is something that they will be grateful for. Most people who choose this career do not do so for the money, but it is always good to be rewarded for you efforts. These include such things as health, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and more. As a CNA, you will work together with people across all levels in the health care industry, from doctors to janitors.
In doing so, they do not have to go through the time and expense required to obtain a degree only to find out later that the field may not be what they really want.
Being a CNA is a great way to become familiar with the healthcare world and decide where you want to go from there.
This means you also have the opportunity to really develop a relationship with your patients. They will be able to guide and mentor you, which is mutually beneficial, as those with higher degrees must educate others.

Changing careers will be very easy if you ever choose to do so, not in the least because you will also have a lot of experience in soft skills. Indeed, you can expect many thank you cards and boxes of chocolates from your patients and their loved ones.
If at any time anyone in your personal circle becomes ill, you will be able to provide them with the care and support they need. Considering the job requires certification rather than a degree, and considering you could be certified in just six weeks time, a median salary of $24,000 nationally is certainly interesting. Furthermore, there are sometimes profit-sharing opportunities depending on the sector in which you work. For instance, if you are unsure whether you want to work in geriatric care, pediatric care or psychological care, being a CNA will allow you to test all of those fields before coming to a decision. Indeed, the increase is projected to be as much as 20% by 2020, which is well above the national average. As such, choosing to be a CNA is one of the most affordable and quickest ways to get into a health career. Furthermore, a CNA has certification rather than a degree, which makes the education process much quicker. If you ever wish to study on, perhaps even towards your Master’s degree, this will be highly beneficial for your application essay.
This is, of course, a fantastic benefit, as is the fact that salary growth expectations also stand at 19%. CNAs do not require a post-secondary degree and they are some of the highest paid in that category of people, and their salary is set to grow significantly.

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