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Despite being atop the American League Central and having the fourth best record in baseball, the Chicago White Sox (24-16) are struggling as they have dropped six of their last seven games. After a sizzling start to the 2016 campaign, in which they recorded a 1.69 ERA in April, the bullpen has imploded.
33-year-old reliever Matt Albers, who registered a blank ERA in 11 outings in April, has hurt the South Siders in their second month of action. The crew went from John Danks- who struggled mightily this year and was designated for assignment- to 26-year-old Erik Johnson, who failed his audition on May 5 after giving up four runs on eight hits in a 7-3 loss to the Boston Red Sox. Amid the recent slump, general manager Rick Hahn told reporters that he’s interested in making more moves to bolster a potential playoff run. The Chicago Bulls have the 14th pick in the draft, and there are quite a few ways they can approach this pick. I’ll look at one point guard, one wing player and one big the Bulls should consider of the upcoming draft, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.
There are two prospects I’d like here, the other being Kentucky’s Skal Labissiere, but his draft stock is anywhere from top eight to just outside of the lottery. At just 19 years of age, Ellenson has NBA size at the 4, and will likely be able to slide up to the 5 with teams playing small more often. Ellenson’s ability to score is what makes him such an intriguing prospect, as he’s able to score from all areas of the floor, though he’s not exactly there yet as a three-point shooter (28.8 percent). There are some questions about his defense, as his below average lateral quickness (read: Pau Gasol) makes him vulnerable to more athletic power forwards attacking the rim. Backup point guard has been an issue over the past few years, especially with Derrick Rose missing so many games. Baldwin has an impressive 6’10” wingspan, which, coupled with his nice frame, makes him more than capable of defending both guard spots. Baldwin is a 40 percent shooter from deep, and his quick release gives defenses little time to contest if they help off of him. There is potential for Baldwin to become a solid rotation player in the NBA, but he needs to polish his offensive game to do so. As a pro, Baldwin can excel as a knockdown shooter if he can connect consistently from behind the arc.
Luwawu is an exceptional athlete who can attack off the dribble and the Bulls lack players like that, primarily in the second unit. Chicago’s revolving door of wing players has been unimpressive (Tony Snell, Doug McDermott), and Mike Dunleavy—while still an excellent three-point shooter—probably shouldn’t get the bulk of the minutes given his recent injuries.
Luwawu has good speed and his burst lets him to get by defenders, but he also has an excellent pull-up game, using hesitation moves to create space allowing him to knock down the jump shot.
The Bulls’ offense was criminally stagnant at times, so adding an extra ball-handler who can score and create for others is a no-brainer. But the first major conflict in our hero franchise’s story came between Krause and Jordan, when Jordan was injured during the ’85-’86 season.
After the 1988 season however, Krause made a move that would not only exhibit his power over Jordan but improve the Bulls at the same time. As all of this was happening, Phil Jackson was an assistant on head coach Doug Collins’ staff before soon taking over the job from Collins. During the Bulls’ first three-peat, Krause began to feel like Jackson and Jordan were taking all of the credit for the titles, despite Krause being the architect of those teams. It was believed at the time that had Jackson returned, Jordan would have as well and the Bulls would have had an opportunity to extend their championship run.
All the while, Krause had Floyd waiting in the wings much the way he had Jackson waiting for Collins to be fired. But the toxicity of the Bulls’ front office in the aftermath of Jordan and Jackson’s exits began to cost them in free agency.
In 2000, the Bulls were in hot pursuit of big-time free agents Tim Duncan, Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady. Amidst health issues and a failed attempt to re-build the franchise, Krause resigned and John Paxson became the Vice-President of Basketball Relations. After an underwhelming start to the 2003-04 season, Paxson wasted no time shaking things up.
But Paxson couldn’t match his draft success the next season, as the Bulls used the second pick in the draft (acquired from the Knicks in return for Eddy Curry who has been dealing with health problems) on LaMarcus Aldridge. The next season, it appeared the players had stopped responding to the hard-nosed Skiles and the front office experiment of riding draft picks and failing to pair them with big-ticket stars had not paid off. Luckily for the Bulls, their drop in the standings during Skiles’ last season as Bulls coach didn’t come without it’s share of benefits, primarily the Bulls lucking into the top pick in the 2008 NBA draft and using that pick on Derrick Rose. This is where we discover the roots of the ongoing battle between the Bulls’ front office and coaches regarding players’ injuries and minutes. But the message didn’t get through to Del Negro after that game, or if it did, he was intent on focusing more on the season at hand, trusting his players and medical staff, and played Noah 2:05 longer than the limit set by Paxson in a loss to the Suns on March 30th.
According to sources, after the game Paxson allegedly confronted Del Negro, leading to a physical altercation in which Paxson grabbed Del Negro by the tie and shoved him. That summer, Paxson hit the jackpot again when he hired longtime assistant coach and defensive guru Tom Thibodeau to be the team’s head coach. After sour experiences with Skiles and Del Negro, Paxson was still determined to find the coach who would get the most out of his team of young stars without creating conflict with management, and he hoped Thibodeau would be their guy.
In the 2010 off-season, the Bulls set out to land some combination of the big free agents that year, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.
To the organization’s credit they filled in the rest of the roster well with several smaller pieces – Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer, Omer Asik, C. During the 2011-2012 season is really when the feud between Paxson, Gar Forman (who he had hired to be the team’s general manager) and Thibodeau began to show its head. In spite of the battle between Paxson, Forman and Thibodeau, the Bulls still offered him a contract extension in the fall of 2012, but only after a six-month delay before Thibodeau actually signed the contract, of which a lot was made but nothing was ever publicly explained.
Then in the 2012 draft, the Bulls had the 29th pick overall and Thibodeau and lead assistant Ron Adams were making a big pitch for a somewhat out of shape “tweener” out of Michigan State, Draymond Green. In the ensuing years, the Bulls failed to make any improvements to their roster, all the while using the same rhetoric that each time Rose returned from injury, that it was like they were adding a former MVP to their team. Then in 2013 one of the biggest dominos in the feud fell when the Bulls fired Adams, somewhat out of the blue.
Despite Thibs continuing to milk every last ounce of talent out of a less than elite lineup of players, the Bulls continued to battle injuries and come up short in the East, until finally after the 2014-15 season, he was fired with two years and approximately $9 million remaining on his contract.
And just like they did with Collins and Jackson, the Bulls’ next coach was selected before Thibodeau’s seat had barely had time to cool. After the season, Paxson spoke to the lack of leadership on the team, calling out Butler as someone who talked too much about leadership rather than exhibiting it on and off the court.
And just like at the end of every super hero movie, there is something after the credits, a character you didn’t expect to see, or perhaps should have noticed all along. This will most likely be the last coach Paxson is allowed to hire, but when he is gone someone else in the same mold constructed by Reinsdorf will be waiting in the wings replace him.
In addition to the uniforms that the team wears today as throwbacks, the 1983 Sox popularized the term “Winning Ugly”, meaning that they always seemed to find a way to win games even when they weren’t playing their best baseball. The 2016 White Sox have been dominant in some aspects so far this season, as in pitching and defense. The important takeaway is that the 2016 Sox, much like the 1983 Sox, are finding ways to actually win those games.
Let’s take a look back at the games that the Sox probably should have lost, but still found a way to come out on top in the early goings of this season.
On the second night of the season, we saw a microcosm of what we have seen over the course of the past 3 seasons watching White Sox baseball. Jimmy Rollins quickly came to the rescue in the top of the 9th with a game-winning solo home run off Oakland reliever Sean Doolittle and the Sox prevailed 5-4. Trailing by a score of 2-1 in the bottom of the 8th, Todd Frazier led the inning off with a game-tying solo shot. Instead of taking a two or three-run lead to the 9th, they Sox gave David Robertson a one-run lead that quickly evaporated due to a leadoff walk, an errant throw by Navarro into center field, and a sacrifice fly. The Sox prevailed in the 11th inning with a Jose Abreu walk-off single, and they were able to survive shooting themselves in the foot in both the 8th and 9th innings.
But the 7th inning has been a magical inning for the Sox this season; and the Sox offense suddenly came to life by scoring five runs – all with two outs.
After the White Sox lost the first two games of the series against the Baltimore, all things looked good for the Sox to pick up the win in Game 3 of the series. Thankfully, Jose Abreu was able to come to his own rescue by singling home the winning run in the 9th inning as the Sox prevailed by a score of 8-7. If I told you to guess the outcome of a game where the Sox were headed to extra innings after having already burned their top 4 relief pitchers with hopes that Dan Jennings and Zach Putnam can win and save the game, respectively, would you have guessed a White Sox winner? If I told you that the Rangers had the winning run at 3rd base with 1 out in the bottom of the 10th inning, would you have guessed a White Sox winner? If I told you that David Robertson blew a lead on two different occasions, would you guess a White Sox winner?
If I told you that Robertson and Nate Jones both had their worst games of the season on this night, would you have guessed a White Sox winner? The Cubs’ strategy against Harper in that series was easy to deduce: Throw it out of the zone, if he gets himself out, great. After the series – and particularly after Sunday’s six-walk-one-hit-by-pitch performance – there was a lot of noise about Joe Maddon’s strategy regarding Harper.
But let’s get one thing straight: The walk-Harper-every-time-you-face-him strategy only works if the guy(s) batting behind Harper don’t make you pay for the walk. Baker apparently didn’t get that memo, though that’s not entirely surprising to Cubs fans who remember watching him construct lineups during his days in Chicago.
If the lineup was set up that way, there’s no way the Cubs could’ve pitched around Harper the way they did – certainly not like they did in the late innings, walking him without first base open to load the bases.
But, despite the fact that the Cubs made a mockery of Baker’s lineup over the course of last weekend, he apparently still hasn’t learned his lesson. David and Nathan are all over the place in this week’s episode as they discuss the Kentucky Derby, the hot starts from the Cubs and White Sox and Bartolo Colon, 42, who hit his first home run this past weekend.
David and Nathan are all over the place in this week's episode as they discuss the Kentucky Derby, the hot starts from the Cubs and White Sox and Bartolo Colon, 42, who hit his first home run this past weekend. Even without catcher Miguel Montero, outfielder Jason Heyward and later Matt Szczur, the Chicago Cubs’ depth came through in their three-game division showdown in Pittsburgh. Coach Joe Maddon kept the clubhouse loose on their latest road trip by sporting a goofy dress code. Baez’s batting average rose to .341 after going 5 for 12 with 3 RBIs- two of them coming in Wednesday’s finale.
Lester and Hammel’s excellence has been outshined by Arrieta,- 6-0 record, 0.84 ERA and a no-hitter- to say the least. In Wednesday’s victory, Lester experienced deja vu when the ball got stuck in the webbing of his glove while fielding a comebacker for the second year in a row.
Bryant went 5 for 12 with one RBI in the series, extending the 2015 Rookie of the Year’s hitting streak to 10 games.
In the absence of Montero, David Ross and Tim Federowicz, who was recently called up, took his place. Good news for Chicago, as Maddon is optimistic Heyward, sore right wrist, will return to action for a pivotal series at home vs. At the moment, the Cubs, 20-6, lead the NL Central by six games, they’ve won seven of their last eight and are off to their best start since 1907.
There are so many great story lines to follow with this Cubs team right now – Dexter Fowler’s hot start, Anthony Rizzo’s improving numbers, the way the Cubs are (already) running away from the rest of the NL Central – but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I want to take a step back to smell the proverbial roses.
That’s something I’ve made a promise to myself to do this season – to simply enjoy the ride. Arrieta is the first Cubs pitcher since Mordecai “Three-Finger” Brown in 1908 to start his season 6-0. Arrieta is currently riding the fourth-longest winning streak for a pitcher in MLB history at 17.
The Cubs are currently scoring 6.12 runs per game – just shy of a half-run more than the next-closest team (St. The Cubs are leading the majors in walks with 139, which is 21 more than the next-closes team (Pittsburgh).
The Cubs are currently – based on who has played this season – the second-youngest team in the NL at 27.8 years. The Cubs currently lead the league in defensive efficiency (percentage of balls put in play converted to outs) at .734. The Cubs have the third-best strikeout-to-walk ratio (for pitchers) in all of baseball at 3.44.
The Cubs currently have a run differential of +93 through 26 games, meaning they out-score their opponents by an average of 3.5 runs per game. With a record of 20-6 over the first 26 games, the Cubs are on pace for a season record of 125-37.
Dexter Fowler’s .470 OBP leads the league by a margin of 16 points over Odubel Herrera of Philadelphia. The Cubs lead all of baseball in run-scoring percentage (the percentage of the time a baserunner eventually comes around to score) at 37 percent. It’s unfortunate that injuries exist—that some of the top teams have to go into the playoffs not at full strength.
The Golden State Warriors were the favorites to win the championship coming into the playoffs. The Blazers were ranked as one of the bottom five teams during the preseason by many media outlets. The Los Angeles Clippers held a 2-1 lead against Portland during Round 1, and seemed to be firing on all cylinders.
Golden State still has the superior team, and it showed it by protecting homecourt through its first two games.

The playoffs have certainly been changed due to injury, and let’s not mention some of the officiating debacles we’ve seen in the past few game nights. Still, the favorites to come out of the Western Conference are the Spurs and Warriors, despite the Curry injury.
If Oklahoma City advances, though, there will be no shortage of star power and high-powered offenses running back and forth. Injuries are impossible to predict, so let’s just hope and cross our fingers that no more major losses occur for the remaining eight teams.
As we anxiously await yet another outing from Jake Arrieta tonight in Pittsburgh, let’s take a moment to dive into a topic that I’ve been watching closely early this year: Jorge Soler. After Kyle Schwarber’s injury, Soler was presented with a golden opportunity to really earn himself a regular starting gig (or, at least, as regular as a player can be on a Joe Maddon-coached team) in left field.
The primary question, especially this early in the season, is whether those bad numbers are the result of some form of bad luck or whether he’s actually just struggling out there. That’s because if you look at the rest of his batted ball numbers, they’re really promising.
So, if he’s swinging at better pitches, is better utilizing all fields and lifting the ball better than he ever has, why is he struggling so badly? David and Nathan talk about a very exciting 2016 NFL Draft,  Chris Sale and a pivotal week ahead for the North Siders.
Northwestern football is determined to become a program that doesn’t just shell out student athletes with outstanding academic credentials.
In his teenage years, Peter played both Basketball and Baseball for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church CYO. Upon his High School Graduation he was awarded an Athletic Scholarship for X-Country and Track to Murray State University in Kentucky.
The most significant event at this point in his life was the birth of his son in August, 1967.
He accepted a physical education teaching position at Apponequet Regional High School in Lakeville, MA for school year 1967-1968. In the fall of 1967 he convinced the Athletic Director to add a Mena€™s X-Country team to Apponequet Regional High School. Before the next school began, in August, Peter experienced another life changing event, the birth of his second child, a beautiful daughter. The beginning of the 1968 school year at Apponequet Peter expanded his coaching ability and became Head Coach Mena€™s Track & Field.
In November of 1969 he and his family moved to a new home in East Freetown, MA only a few miles from Apponequet Regional High School. Summer vacations were spent as Director of Clear Pond in Lakeville, MA from 1969-1987 where he introduced an annual Flea Market, Blooper Ball, which is still played today, and swimming lessons just to name a few. In late 1974 he developed stress related ulcers due to juggling multiple positions and family responsibilities.
In the fall of 1982 he became Head Coach of Womena€™s Field Hockey at Apponequet and earned league championship in 1983 with an overall record 32-12-9.
In 1982 he became Assistant Pitching Coach for University of Connecticut Womena€™s Fastpitch Softball Team. During his tenure at Apponequet he continued his education and became Director of Physical Education, Athletic Director and served as Acting Assistant Principal.
After allowing the game-winning home run in extras against the Houston Astros Tuesday night, the right-hander’s ERA rose to 9.45 in May.
With Pau Gasol’s likely opt-out this summer, the Bulls could be without their second-leading scorer for the 2016-17 season. Aaron Brooks is most likely gone, there has been no word on whether the front office wants to retain E’Twaun Moore. Henry Ellenson, on the other hand, seems more likely to be around when the Bulls make their pick. The belief is Chicago will try to keep Joakim Noah around—per the Chicago Tribune—which will not only help immensely on the defensive end, but also give the Bulls some leadership they’re clearly lacking.
He was awarded the Big East Rookie of the Year due to his scoring prowess and dominance on the glass. He’s a solid mid-range shooter (40 percent, per Synergy) and he’s shown he can put the ball on the floor effectively against other bigs.
He has good footwork while in his stance and his length allows him to give some room and still contest shots. He can work off the ball using screens as a shooter, but he can also make plays with the ball in his hand. He’s not a good finisher around the rim despite his length, and he lacks variety in the way he attempts to score one-on-one. But if he can add some extra moves to his one-on-one game, he can become a strong two-way point guard, which will earn him some extra playing time earlier in his career. The Frenchman has the prototypical size for an NBA swingman, coupled with a 7’2” wingspan that gives him a ton of upside on both ends of the floor. The 21-year-old would also be the prime candidate to take over the starting small forward spot in the near future. He can work off the ball as well, excelling in catch-and-shoot situations, and it’s something the Bulls need much more of.
His size and athleticism allow him to defend both positions, and he’s shown the ability to defend the pick-and-roll well, the biggest problem the Bulls faced this past season. Luwawu is the guy here, and he’ll be able to play alongside fellow Frenchman Noah, who can take him under his wing. But our story begins before that, in 1985, when Jerry Krause replaced Rod Thorn as the General Manager of the Bulls, inheriting Jordan but little else.
Jordan fought hard to return for the playoffs, while Krause worried about long-term damage and tried to convince Jordan to stay out until the next season when he would be fully healed. Charles Oakley was one of the best power forwards in the NBA and a close friend of Jordan’s. Many believed Krause deserved credit for giving Jackson a chance as head coach of the Bulls long before he was known as the “Zen Master”. After the third title in 1993, Jordan took his baseball sabbatical before returning just before the 1995 playoffs.
After negotiations that were nothing short of contentious, Jackson signed a one-year contract for the 1997-98 season. Jordan still wanted to play, but said publicly that he only would if Jackson returned as head coach.
In pursuing top free agents it became clear that NBA stars didn’t have any interest in playing for the same organization that would drive away someone like Michael Jordan. All three players were wined and dined by Krause (nobody will forget the embarrassing display of the airport “Meet-n’-Greet with Benny the Bull). Paxson was a starter during the Bulls’ first title run, and after his retirement from playing, Jackson hired him as an assistant coach for the 1995-96 season. He traded the team’s leading scorer Jalen Rose and fired friend and former-teammate Cartwright, replacing him with Scott Skiles.
That season he drafted Kirk Hinrich out of Kansas who made the NBA All-Rookie Team, and then the following year’s draft class included Ben Gordon, Luol Deng, Chris Duhan and Andres Nocioni. With expectations high after three straight playoff appearances, the Bulls got off to a terrible start in the 2007-08 season, dropping ten of their first twelve games and on Christmas Eve that year, Skiles was fired as head coach.
Skiles had clearly gotten a lot out of his players and gotten the Bulls back to the playoffs for the first time since the Jordan era. They were in desperate need of a fresh start and Paxson thought he had it in the form of a former player turned scout, Vinny Del Negro. Rose appeared to be the star the Bulls were looking for to add to their young core and he literally landed in their laps. The Bulls hired independent lawyers to investigate the incident, however it just ultimately led to Del Negro’s firing after two 41-41 seasons with the Bulls. Thibs had a long career in the NBA but had most recently been the architect of the defense that led the Boston Celtics and their “Big 3” to the title in 2008. But the Bulls were still missing their star player, the 1-A player they needed to pair with Rose and take them over the top, and again set their sights on free agency. All three players met with the Bulls, who were determined to erase the memory of the 2000 fiasco as well as restore their reputation as a superstar-friendly organization. Wade, a Chicago native, seemed a perfect fit for the Bulls (a player they had wanted to draft initially before the Heat swept in to select him ahead of them), but there was still this stigma from the Jordan-Krause days. Derrick Rose was named MVP of the league and the Bulls made it all the way to the conference finals where they lost to the Heat. Riding his success of last season, Thibodeau began flexing his power in the way of roster control just the way Del Negro had. Now nobody could have predicted that Green would become the player he is today, but it should be noted that against the advice of Thibodeau and Adams, the Bulls instead opted to pick Marquis Teague, who never materialized as an NBA player and has spend almost his entire career in the D-League.
Rose battled injuries through the rest of Thibodeau’s tenure and failed to return to his MVP form. Adams was a close friend of Thibodeau’s and many believed the true mastermind behind the Bulls’ defensive dominance. And in an all-too-weird coincidence that could only be pulled off by an organization as dysfunctional as the Bulls, it was yet again a former Iowa State coach waiting in the wings to take over the head job. And while Hoiberg was a former player with NBA front office experience and a great collegiate coaching resume, he was really brought in to be the “anti-Thibs”. His laid back attitude caused the Bulls to take the foot off the gas that they has become accustomed to slamming on under Thibs.
Butler and Hoiberg publicly cleared the air, but the power struggle continued as the Bulls missed the playoffs for the first time since ’07-08. But as is the case with most sequels, Bulls fans are tired of seeing the same old story played over and over again.
And behind this tale sits the mastermind who has allowed all of this to take place, Jerry Reinsdorf, faithful to a fault when it comes to his general managers. Sure, that was the year that they popularized those red, white, and navy slow-pitch softball looking uniforms; but there was so much more about that team that made the 1983 season so enjoyable. Led by legendary manager Tony LaRussa, Rookie of the Year Ron Kittle, and Cy Young award winner LaMarr Hoyt, the Sox won 99 games en route to capturing the American League West division title.
How else would a team win 23 of its first 33 games without being “dominant” in at least a few aspects of the game? Television play-by-play announcer Hawk Harrelson often says that in a 162 game season, a team is going to win 60 and lose 60.
Four batters later, the Sox took the lead on a Dioner Navarro RBI single and were suddenly on the verge of taking a comfortable lead to the 9th inning with runners on 1st and 3rd and one out. The Sox gained a 6-5 lead in the inning and never looked back, setting the tone for an eventual series sweep north of the border. The Sox had just rallied for three runs in the top of the 8th to take a 7-5 lead, and Matt Albers had retired the first two Orioles hitters in the bottom of the frame.
The Sox gave the Rangers many opportunities to win the game, and the Rangers could not capitalize. If you watched White Sox baseball regularly throughout the past few years, I think you can agree that they would have lost at least 4 of these games in previous seasons. In particular, Nationals hurler Tanner Roark accused the Cubs of playing “Scared Baseball.” Manager Dusty Baker compared the treatment to the old Phil Jackson Hack-a-Shaq defense – which is actually a pretty fair comparison – and plenty of baseball fans across the country shared some sometimes angered opinions of the Cubs’ tactics.
It’s one of the reasons that, when you construct a lineup, most teams clump their best hitters in the 2-3-4-5 spots. For all four games of that series, Baker batted rapidly-declining Ryan Zimmerman in the cleanup hole behind Harper.
Roark, if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at your manager for consistently putting what is quite literally one of your team’s worst hitters at this juncture directly behind your best. In the two games since the Cubs’ sweep of the Nationals, want to guess where Zimmerman has batted? Maddon told the crew, “If you think you look hot, you wear it.” Evidently, his unconventional leadership paid off. And they did it in dominating fashion, outscoring Pittsburgh 20-5 and allowing only five runs on 15 hits. Rizzo leads the majors in RBIs, 27, and is enjoying a eight-game hitting streak- which in large part is thanks to opening up his batting stance.
So, before we get too far ahead of ourselves and start worrying about division standings, potential additions at the trade deadline or any number of other regular-season anxieties, let’s take a moment to just soak in the awesomeness that has been the first 26 games of the 2016 season. The all-time leader is Carl Hubbell, who won 24 straight between July 17, 1936-May 27, 1937.
That puts them on pace to finish the year with a run differential of 579, which would be the best in the history of baseball by a margin of 168 (!!) runs. That’s better – in each of those categories – than these players (and many, many more): Dee Gordon, Ryan Zimmerman, Freddie Freeman, Jason Kipnis, Carlos Beltran, Josh Reddick, Jose Abreu, Yasiel Puig, David Wright and Justin Upton.
Stephen Curry suffered an MCL sprain that has held him out of action since the first half of Game 1. Losing four of their starters, including All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge, wasn’t going to be easy to overcome. Chris Paul would’ve been a much tougher matchup for Shaun Livingston than Houston’s Patrick Beverly, and Griffin and DeAndre Jordan would cause the same problems they cause for everyone else in the league. However, there is a likelihood Curry misses the entire series despite his desire to return as soon as Game 3, per ESPN. The Blazers can make a competitive push in this series, especially if Lillard and McCollum are firing on all cylinders.
The NBA’s Officiating Report revealed there were eight incorrect non-calls in the final two minutes—five in the last 13 seconds—of Game 2 between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder.
The emergence of Matt Sczcur as a legit big league hitter early this season has taken some playing time away from Soler, but thus far the young Cuban outfielder has yet to really produce. Going into the season, one of the things we knew about Soler was that among his primary issues was his propensity to hit ground balls.

Going into Tuesday night, his line drive percentage is right around league average (20%), while his ground ball rate has reduced drastically from last season (down to 33.3 percent).
That tells me that a lot of those positive strides he’s made are being overshadowed by what is some downright rotten luck. Last season was the first time since 2012 that Northwestern had players taken in the NFL Draft, when the Cleveland Browns took Ibraheim Campbell in the 4th round and the Denver Broncos took Trevor Siemian in the 7th round. While at Clear Pond a tragic accident took the life of Roy Caliri, a lifeguard for Clear Pond.
He found himself managing coaches and student athletes and not having much to do with the students themselves. After leaving Stoughton Public School System he continued private Softball pitching lessons in his attached garage.
Throughout his diagnosis and treatment, Peter wanted to ensure that his experience would, somehow, contribute to the advancement of research, and eventual cure, for this deadly form of cancer. Another thing that stands out is his willingness to run on the fast break, and he’s also capable or running it himself.
With a better shot, he’d essentially be a bigger Nikola Mirotic—but one that can better defend opposing big men thanks to his size. He’s a solid distributor, but he does lack the explosiveness to create his own scoring opportunities. But Krause wasted no time trying to surround Jordan with the kind of talent that would propel him to stardom and titles. Jordan accused the front office of tanking by holding him out, but he ultimately won out and returned only to score 63 points against the Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs that year.
But the Bulls were in the need of a big man who could score as they attempted to de-throne the Detroit Pistons in the late 80’s and traded Oakley to the Knicks for Bill Cartwright. Jackson was considered a bit of a pet project of Krause’s, with no previous NBA coaching experience.
The Bulls failed to make the finals that year, but the next year they began their second three-peat of the 90’s. It was known publicly that even if the Bulls won the title (which they did) Jackson would not be back after the way things went between him and Krause.
This should give you an idea of the depth of their dysfunction, as Krause’s feud with Jackson ran so deep that it cost him a once-in-a-lifetime player and kicked off their current 18-year title draught.
Jordan retired again, Pippen went to Houston and Steve Kerr, Luc Longley and Dennis Rodman left. The Bulls missed out on all three players, settling for Ron Mercer and then giving a five-year, $32 million contract to Eddie Robinson. 1 pick along with rookie of the year Elton Brand for Tyson Chandler to pair with Eddy Curry, both high schoolers jumping straight to the NBA. This young core helped improve the Bulls that next season to the third best record in the East. Skiles downplayed the date of the firing, but its impossible to think that it doesn’t sting to lose your job on Christmas eve, let alone one as much in the spotlight as an NBA coach of one of the league’s most storied franchises. He won Rookie of the Year and helped the Bulls improve to 41-41 in the 2008-09 season, giving hope for things to come.
On February 26th of that year, Del Negro exceeded the management-imposed minutes limit for Noah during an overtime victory over the Trail Blazers, which led to Noah missing their next ten games.
We all remember how this ended, with all three signing together in Miami and the Bulls ending up with Carlos Boozer, a decent piece, but not the star they sought after and who ultimately became a hand-cuffing contract, five years and $80 million. Whether it was an active part of their decisions or not, it was yet another example of the Bulls unable to attract star players to their organization through free agency. Again the topic of minute limits between coach and front office began floating around, again regarding Noah but also their star Rose.
Did playing through other injuries during the year ultimately lead to his body breaking down by the playoffs?
He had brought the Bulls back to elite status, but did not like the lack of control over his roster given to him by the front office. Adams was upset at the front office for letting Korver and Watson go and bringing back an aged Kirk Hinrich on a bad contract. A company-first guy who would play nice with the front office – someone mild-mannered to counter the Bulls’ history of strong, opinionated head coaches.
The Bulls team he inherited was not built for the perimeter game Hoiberg ran at Iowa State, and the players who fit that scheme best, Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott, failed to excel in their first year in the system. First it was Krause (who looks an awful lot like the Penguin), now it is Paxson (who bears a striking resemblance to Lex Luther). The Sox took a 4-2 into the 8th inning where Zach Duke and Nate Jones were asked to hold the lead for one inning for David Robertson.
But nothing but poor base running ensued for the rest of the inning as runners were thrown out at home plate on the next two balls in play.
Manny Machado then hit a routine ground ball to Todd Frazier and Frazier made a good, strong throw across the diamond to 1st base. This year’s team is passing the tests of adversity, and they are passing with flying colors. Over the course of a four-game weekend series, the Cubs walked Bryce Harper 13 times, including six free passes in Sunday’s 4-3 walk-off Cubs victory. The strategy worked – Harper went only 1-for-4 in the series (he was also hit by a pitch on Sunday, likely the result of trying to pitch out of the zone).
Aside from keeping them toward the top of the order, the idea is that you don’t leave your best hitter all alone in a sea of mediocrity, which all but encourages teams to pitch around them.
Despite having quite a bit of success early in his career, Zimmerman is coming off of a pair of injury-plagued seasons that allowed him to play only 156 combined games in 2014 and 2015, and he’s really struggling early this year. Who’s developing, what moves are on the horizon, where people fit into the “long-term plan.” But this year, I think we all knew that we were in for something special, whether that meant a trip to the fall classic or just one hell of a baseball season. Already, there are so many amazing stats, numbers and other tidbits that are floating around regarding this team. That means that the Cubs have won the last 23 games in which they have provided Arrieta with at least one hit of support. Next up for Arrieta is Roger Clemens, who won 20 straight between June 3, 1998-June 1, 1999. Stephen Curry was lights out for an entire 82 games, shattering his own three-point record and becoming the first player to ever knock down 400 long-range shots.
Still, Golden State easily handled the Houston Rockets in five games and now head to the conference semi-finals to face off against the Portland Trail Blazers. Without Curry’s 30 points per game, the Warriors were likely to run into some problems considering LA is just a better overall team than the Rockets. Lillard is a big-time scorer, and he even handed the Warriors one of their nine losses during the regular season when he led the Blazers with a 51-point outburst. Head coach Steve Kerr remains patient while his MVP rehabs, and rightfully so as the Warriors have shown they can win without Curry. The Blazers’ dynamic backcourt averaged over 55 points against the Warriors during the regular. If San Antonio advances, we could be seeing the greatest playoff matchup of all time, just in terms of regular-season record and performance. To this point in his career, not surprisingly, Soler has done most of his damage on fastballs.
He’s clearly implementing the changes the coaching staff has been working with him to implement, and the results are evident if you dive into his numbers. She was a joy to behold He loved her with all his heart and cherished every moment spent with her. Roy Caliri was also a former member of Petea€™s X-Country team at Apponequet Regional High School. Activities including basketball, swimming, gymnastics and more were included in the program.
Over 300 girls have the honor of calling themselves a a€?Garage Girl.a€? Also, continued coaching at the University of Connecticut until 2011. In the 1987 draft, he traded Olden Polynice to Seattle for a then little-known skinny kid out of the University of Central Arkansas Scottie Pippen, and then selected Horace Grant, who along with Jordan would become the building blocks of the first three titles.
The Bulls lost that series, but it was the start or Jordan letting Krause know that as long as he was there, it would be Jordan making decisions for himself, not the front office. Jordan took this move personally, and while it was a basketball move on the surface, there was no doubt that Krause knew what he was doing. But it appeared that Jackson was being groomed to take over the job from the more outspoken Collins long before the change was actually made. Krause appeared to be tired of riding the coat tails of Jordan and Jackson, and wanted to prove that he could build a team on his own around a young coach and even younger core. This will not be the last example of the Bulls stumbling in free agency and tossing large sums of money away on consolation prizes. The idea was for the Bulls to build around the two big men, but it never quite worked and after three pitiful seasons, Floyd was fired and replaced with Bill Cartwright, then an assistant on Floyd’s staff.
Aldridge is a career 20 point, 9 rebound per game player now playing a prominent role on one of the best teams in the NBA, the Spurs, while Thomas, a career seven point, four rebound per game player, hasn’t even been in the NBA since 2014-15. The front office was clearly upset at Del Negro, who in his defense, was trying to help the Bulls win a late season game in trying to get them back to the playoffs.
The former MVP had only played 39 games that season, but both players along with Luol Deng played through injuries all year. Publicly he made very little of the hold out, but there is no doubt the power struggle was nearing its boiling point.
With the Bulls struggling in the Eastern Conference standings for the first time in five years since they hired Thibodeau, the tension normally reserved for the front office found its way back to the locker room.
Reinsdorf continues putting his foot soldiers in place, while he sits above it all being inducted into the Hall of Fame rather than being held accountable for allowing nearly two decades of internal struggle. No matter how good you are, you’re bound to have some ugly performances throughout the course of a 162 game season. Duke allowed a base hit to the only batter he faced, Nate Jones hit two batters, and the lead was blown on a two-run single to Yonder Alonso.
Two of those walks were intentional and came with runners on first and second and the game on the line. Not surprisingly, Harper has already picked up two more intentional walks – one in each of those games. I simply wanted to bring as many of them as I could together in one place, really driving home just how great the first 26 games of this season have been. A “Big 3” created organically before the phrase would be coined much later by another evil empire. In 1989 Collins was fired, Jackson took his place, and just two years later, Jackson led the Bulls to their first NBA title. It is intriguing yet painful to think of what might have been had the Bulls been the team to pair Aldridge with Duncan, or even McGrady in their primes. Then in the first round of the playoffs, Rose tore his ACL on a non-contact play and missed the rest of the playoffs as well as the following season. With Rose out, the future of this Bulls team had started to become uncertain and the window, it appeared, had slowly begun to close. Adams’ issues with management dated back to that 2012 draft and now the message was clear – play ball with the front office or you were out. There are nights where everything is clicking, and there are nights where nothing seems to go right; probably about 60 of each. Damian Lillard and McCollum averaged 46 points per game, with the latter winning this year’s Most Improved Player Award. As a result, he’s striking out only 22.9 percent of the time this year, down from 30 percent in 2015. And then, there are nights where teams manage to win games that they probably should have lost and vise versa – “the other 42”. If what we’re seeing is simply Soler implementing some changes, I’m confident there are good things to come. However, if you want a silver lining, he’s significantly improved the way he’s handling breaking pitches. At college he began a weight lifting regiment that he religiously continued daily throughout his life.
That September he started his coaching career at New Bedford High School as X-Country and Indoor Track coach. If this theory is true, then it seems like the Sox have been doing a good job of winning those other 42 games so far this season. Albers went on to plunk the next batter, and then Zach Duke came in and gave up a two-run double to Chris Davis to tie the game.
After being 6.5 runs below average on sliders last season, he’s actually already a half-run above average this season. Staying in shape was extremely important to Peter almost to the point of being an obsession. While at first glance they appear to be extreme opposites, the differences should really only exist on the surface.
At the heart of these stories are two characters, one good one bad, who are more alike than they care to acknowledge.
He described it this way, a€?One year of experience at Roosevelt is worth five years.a€? His first year coaching gave him a taste of success in the field he loved, ending the season with an overall record 9-1. Both sides feel they are in the right, both sides feel like their actions are justified, but it really just depends on your perspective. And over the last two decades, while the characters may have changed, a civil war has been bubbling between the coaches and front offices of the professional basketball team that resides within the city limits of one dark, cloudy metropolitan known as Chicago.

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