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Boy do I have the perfect gift set for the holidays from author Debbie Macomber that provides a special brand of holiday cheer.
I decided to watch the movie with my mom in hopes that it would be a good holiday movie that we would enjoy together. Interestingly enough, a few days after I was pitched this set of books and dvd, I overheard some women discussing it. When Pharaoh’s army showed up and God’s people were so afraid that they wanted to go back and be slaves again in Egypt, how did Moses encourage them? If you like what you read, check out our children’s book, Hooked on the Book, on this website.  It is great for parents because it provides the Big Story of God’s miraculous plan for His children in all 66 books in the Bible including colorful illustrations, rhymes and a surprise on every page.

This entry was posted in Bible Miracles, Parents, Teachers and tagged BIBLE, bible miracles, Pharaoh, Red, Sea. Answering Christianity : The Overwhelming Scientific Miracles in the Noble Quran (Koran) Section. The Comic Book Collecting Association (CBCA) is a non-profit international organization made up of comic book enthusiasts who share an appreciation for the history, artistic merit, and significance of the comic book medium as an important element of popular culture.
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Liz loves to draw silly drawings, write crazy poems, walk her dog down the block, talk to her kids on Skype, and eat taco salad. Miracle, was released September 28 and Hallmark Channel premiered the sequel film on November 27, 2010.

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