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Despite all the technology and the great discoveries, women often find themselves stuck, thinking that once they become mothers their dreams of success is no longer attainable.
Today, we have a choice, and no matter how many children we decide to bring into this world, we are and always will be, entitled to achieve our dreams. As a Healer Michelle uses her gift of intuition, her skills in the crystalline world, the Reiki world, the Shaman world, life coaching certification& communication to release stagnant energies that hold us stuck in areas of our lives. As a Teacher Michelle communicates with you to new levels listening to your story in great depth & provides you with the hidden messages from your experiences, enabling you to move forward with a new perspective transforming your world.
Michelle captivates your attention as you branch into new areas of your life with new found wisdom that was always locked within your Be-ing.

Women who have despite their circumstances, made a choice to overcome and give birth to their dreams. Passing on information that she herself has found works for her, her children & her clients. All she needed to do was to love herself enough to accept all of nature’s gifts which were always her birthright. Michelle brings an energy to her audience that is captivating, inspiring & motivational. Their journeys will inspire you, connect with you, and give you hope and direction for what you too can create in your life.

Her stories reach out to you on such a level that they touch your hearts, minds & souls.

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