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Similar to a planner, checklists and schedules provide students with a visual reference of tasks they need to accomplish.
I just spent an hour in an emergency IEP meeting for my son who is on the spectrum and has HUGE executive function challenges. In his transition from 6th (still elementary here) to 7th grade, his grades have gone from As and Bs to Ds and Fs.
If your student has trouble making inferences, knowing why the student struggles is the first step in deciding on a treatment strategy. Musicians stand to benefit from audiologists’ support to preserve hearing and to bolster performance. Amid renewed debate about teaching signed versus spoken language to children who are deaf, a cadre of professionals calls for emphasizing all forms of early language access. The ASHA Leader Blog is the official blog of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. If you'd like to advertise on The ASHA Leader Blog, please contact Pam Leppin or visit ASHA's marketing site. Some of the best advice I got as a new grad ICU nurse was to make my own nursing report sheet.

Do you have any advice for new ICU nurses learning to give report or hand-off?  Do you have any report sheets you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear from you! The video to the left is a 4 hour plan for success for consultants from National Sales Director Tammy Crayk. I stress that if they think it’s hard now, it will only get trickier as academic demands increase. Drafting a schedule together will help you see what the student does or can do with his or her time each day. It is intended to inspire discussion about issues related to the fields of audiology and speech-language pathology, and features posts from a variety of authors, including communication sciences and disorders (CSD) professionals and ASHA staff. Some do group report where all nurses listen to an updated report of all the patients (usually in smaller units) and then there is always the good old face-to-face report. Just want to add to these, when making a nursing report sheets on your own, be brief about it and don’t forget to share your new way of doing this!
Many of my students (and even their typically developing peers) particularly struggle with organization and time management. It’s a visual reminder of what they need to do each day and for planning steps for future tasks or assignments.

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For example, kids spend most of their time in one classroom in elementary school, while from 6th to 12th grade, they move through classes with different teachers and subjects. The kids are amazed at the things they find—lost homework or projects due months ago, for example. You can also show them how to break down projects into smaller chunks, so they’re not as overwhelmed with assignments. As with folders, this is a good time to discuss what they need to carry with them and what they should leave at home. For example, if they have a five-paragraph essay due, they spend each weekday working on just one paragraph, versus facing the WHOLE thing in one day.

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