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Speech marks appear in written work to show that the words belong to someone other than the writer. Thanks for today, you have certainly got the students talking about punctuation which is great! Besides this, my new business cards arrived and I received my membership certificate from the Chartered Institute of Linguists to confirm my MCIL status!
Working with Megan has been a real pleasure: her work was extremely professional, delivered on time and with very useful comments.
Megan is also very friendly and polite, she cares about her customers and want them to be happy.

After a break from the 1 Linguist, 3 Questions series , I’m pleased to welcome¬†Anna Lycett as my interviewee today. If you could change one thing about your freelance translation career up to this point, what would it be?
Freelancing under the name KeyCheck Translation, translator between English and Polish (MA), philosopher (BA), online marketer (4 years) and blogger.
I appreciate her accurate linguistic knowledge of English, and especially her stylistic recommendations. Her comments go beyond the linguistic surface, indeed she is able to spot even the littlest cultural discrepancies and find a way to improve the text.

If I am not clear on project requirements and I don’t get answers to my questions, how can I meet a deadline? On the one hand, people say that when you freelance, you can pick and choose who you work for. In private time mother of one and wife of another one, photographer, crocheter, due to an injury no longer a traditional archer and martial artist.

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