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Blocking time on your calendar will not only help keep you on task, but will also signify to other employees that you are focused on a project. Utilizing these tips and passing them along to your team members can, over time, save you hours in the day (ie: money). The first step to managing your time is to realize you are having a problem, and identify what that problem is.
Now that you have taken the time to identify where and how you spend your time, you must prioritize your activities. While you may be able to complete smaller tasks more quickly, the longer, most urgent tasks should take priority.
Now that you have identified your “problem areas” and have prioritized your schedule, it is important to limit distractions. While following these 4 steps will help improve time management, it may be necessary to consult outside help when dealing with time management on a larger scale for an entire company or business. If you feel as though a third party’s perspective could offer more insight into your business’ time management and other developmental needs, contact ISR and learn how our Leadership & Employee Development and Training programs could benefit your company.
Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors). Covey first introduced his time management matrix in his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
Herein lays the issue for Product Managers who desperately need to work on strategic activities but are very often yanked and pulled in other “urgent” directions.
Quadrant I activities are necessary to the job - the key is to manage the time spent in this quadrant, otherwise it can consume you and the Product Manager becomes an all-encompassing crisis manager for the product.
So how does the Product Manager keep his time in Quadrant I to a minimum and maximize his time in Quadrant II? Produce standard product Presentation and Demo scripts that can be used by sales team in a typical sales process. As an on-going process, define and maintain the Competitive Landscape that identifies competitive and alternative offerings. Maintain a regularly updated Status Dashboard to monitor key dates and checkpoints in product delivery.
Create a formal Referral & Reference program to identify and manage customers who are willing to give testimonials and be featured in case studies.
As you can see, failure to spend time in Quadrant II can result in more time in Quadrant I, which is not a good use of time. This time matrix for Product Managers doesn't help a Product Manager decide which activity to do, but it can be enlightening to find out which quadrants you are spending your time in. Mark Officer has been a Product Manager, Software Engineer and Consultant in enterprise software.
There’s a misconception that when you enter into your own business that your life becomes chaotic and unpredictable. Yes, your life will not be the same as if you worked where someone else dictates what, when, and how you should do your job.
The glaringly obvious question that comes to mind when I see those statistics is what on Earth were those small business owners doing with their time?

Yes, some may have picked a tough location, misunderstood the demand for their product or service, or started their business under capitalized right from the start. For me, the reason why so many new businesses fall into one of those statistics is time management.
What entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t realize is that if they simply treat their schedules as if they worked for a company, they would drastically improve their chances of becoming more successful. Is there a specific time in your schedule to make phone calls, send emails, or meet in person with prospects or clients? If you run a company with employees, do you have a consistent time you meet or speak to discuss the state of the company?
Do you have time established in your schedule to review your financials and run some basic reports to keep a pulse on how you’re doing? A major key to success for entrepreneurs is without a doubt their ability to understand the power of their schedule. Block off times in your schedule for prospecting phone calls, prospecting emails, networking events, staff meetings, customer service, or carrying out the main function of your business (For my clients they typically do some sort of training or coaching in the sports industry and it’s important for the company that they remain involved doing that). If you have meetings that you need to run with staff, make sure you carve out time to properly prepare.
A FREE CONSULTATION for some objective advice on your business might be the best decision you make this week! Tim Ziakas is a Sports Facility Consultant who specializes in helping sports facility owners run growing, viable, and profitable companies. Encourage team members to send an itemized list of things to discuss in every meeting so that time can be used wisely.
During the work day, it can be extremely distracting to see them popping up and can even feel overwhelming.
If your team is able to use time more efficiently, you are open to take on more work, more clients and make your existing services richer. Below the list of team members belonging to the project is a space to allow you to add team members without having to assign a task and a below that, the ability to copy a team from some other projects to the current project. With all of the meetings, never ending emails, and endless lists of tasks it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of an office space without actually accomplishing your most important assignments. Make a list of tasks and decide which on the list are most important for you to complete that day.
Once a task is completed, once every hour or only when you take lunch are examples of ways to limit your cell phone distractions. Turn off the radio, put in some ear plugs or otherwise limit the sounds of the workplace that take away from your concentration. Identify resources and people you work with that can assist you if your have too much to finish.
In reality, time management in a company is tied to many factors of how the company operates. I have relied on a prioritization matrix developed by Stephen Covey to ensure I focus my attention on those activities that contribute towards my strategic goals.
In the table below, the Quadrant I activities on the left column list a number of activities that expose a risk to the Product Managers time. Focusing on strategic activities does save Product Managers from being pulled into urgent but important requests.

He is one of the only Sports Facility Consultants who has real life experience purchasing, operating, growing, and selling sports facilities. Check out our new series to learn the best processes for finding efficiencies across your business. If you receive a meeting request without an agenda (or one with a meager one), try suggesting another form of internal communication or discussing the topic at lunch. Unfortunately, we often gravitate towards the simpler and faster tasks because we are less likely to get distracted and because we feel more productive. Before you leave for that day, you begin your list for the next work day by placing the unfinished items at the top of the list.
Make it a habit of not answering phone calls or checking your voicemail until after the task you are working on has been completed.
At times it’s hard to complete everything on your own, so you may want to consider collaboration or teamwork.
His leadership and sales training stems from real life experiences both in the financial services industry and sports facility industry. For example, if, when beginning a new project, you see that it took you 2 hours to complete, you can try to find efficiencies to cut down on that time. You can also encourage fellow teammates to utilize the priority flag if the email needs immediate attention. Perhaps you spend too long talking with coworkers, or could take lunch 15 minutes earlier to get ahead of a 30 minute line and win yourself some more time to work with. When you come into work that day, you can alter the list as needed, and pick up quickly with where you left off.
If you know another worker can do one of your tasks better, consider asking for tips to increase your abilities, or trade off projects (if allowed) to accomplish more in a certain time-frame. Because this skill can make the difference between being highly effective and just mediocre.
If you know that each Wednesday morning you have to review a weekly report, then put that at the top of the list.
The reality is that improving time management skills throughout your company can improve your bottom line. Get it done first-thing in the morning so you’re not shuffling through slides and data at 3pm. Finding more time in the work day can essentially mean faster project turnaround and more completed projects, which means happier clients and more time to devote to finding potential clients. Also, if you lack Internet self-control, you can use tools to block your most time-wasting sites (like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube).
When team members can maximize their time in the office, the ripples can be felt in every aspect of your business.

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