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Considering both the viewpoints, it may be possible that both statements are true and it could be possible that both statements make no sense. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. Marvin Bower joined McKinsey & Company in 1933 and served as the management consulting firm’s managing partner from 1950 to 1967. According to Bower, anyone who wants to lead “must develop certain qualities and attributes.” He defines qualities as a person’s character and personality, which he admits are very difficult to learn. These 14 qualities and attributes outlined by Bower are a great tool for all managers to determine what type of leader they are. It is the natural urge of bystanders, commentators and people in general to categorize everything. There is intent from an individual, there is influence of the world around the person, there is an innate desire to do something worthwhile in a certain foray, there is a great deal of investment of time, effort, personal grooming and a lot of strength in one’s virtues than the weakness or gullibility to vices.
These great leaders are not the formulaic products of business schools and most of them did not show any leadership traits by the virtue of their birth. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. In 1997, he published a book titled The Will to Lead: Running a Business with a Network of Leaders, in which he shares his perspectives on leadership.
Bower calls this “integrity in action.” A leader must be inherently honest to build the trust of those around her. Too often, when people achieve a position of importance, they let their ego get the best of them and become arrogant.
To get people to openly share with you, they must believe you care about them as individuals and about their ideas.
Bower says, “Situations are created by people and must be dealt with by people.” Often a manager is put in a position where she has to resolve disputes or disagreements. Bower considers this an attribute, not a quality, and therefore believes it can be learned. A leader with good judgment has the ability to consider the facts available to him and other potentially relevant information and has the intuition to combine what is known and unknown to make the best decision.

A true leader must be able and willing to change direction quickly or admit when she has made a mistake. If a person has to be groomed from scratch and all their skills have to be honed, then that person will not become much of a leader. They became leaders nonetheless, because they wanted to and because they had it in them or worked on it. Behind the success of every nation is a reason of good leader, some nations took very good initiatives and as a result they move in to the era of success.
One of Bower’s beliefs is that a command-and-control management structure “with each superior exercising authority over subordinates who do exactly what their boss wants” is flawed and presents numerous problems for companies. Many managers believe that when they are put in a position of authority, they should be the one talking and giving orders. Instead, she’s confident and secure enough to know she doesn’t and that it would be smart to listen to what others have to contribute.
A leader can analyze the situation, consider the feelings of those involved, make a prudent decision, and communicate it effectively. It’s as much art as science, and a good leader understands he will never have all the information or perfect data and is comfortable acting with what he has.
A good leader doesn’t get mired in every last detail but can step back from situations to consider many alternatives.
And if a leader is to be successful, those decisions must be made after appropriate consideration. Many people associate the capacity to motivate with a fiery leader or an eloquent and effective speaker.
I believe I have found an effective blueprint for Leadership that will help build my Leadership skills. It is true that some people show amazing leadership abilities from their childhood days, apparently a time when they certainly have undergone no training and don’t have any formal education to specifically become a leader. Hence, it is easier to say that leaders are born or leaders get made than to accept a reality that we don’t understand why some people become leaders, just as we don’t understand why some leaders are better than others.
And, if a person has all the attributes of a leader by the virtue of birth then that person is hardly accomplishing anything by the virtue of life.

These quotes can inspire future leaders, can transform leaders to get better and can certainly shed more light on what leadership itself is. This was a little bit introductions about leadership, I have collected best leadership quotes that I am sure you are going to like and share with your friends.  Also please do comment and tell us how much you like these quotes and if you have any suggestion then please feel free to tell.
So many managers believe that their position, experience, or intelligence is enough to make them a leader.
People will respect leaders who are tough on them as long as what they demand is considered fair. It doesn’t mean everyone involved will like or agree with the decision, but if the manager can display sensitivity to the people and the situation, she’s likely to be an effective leader.
When opportunities present themselves, a leader takes the initiative and pursues them relentlessly. And passion and strong communication certainly can aid in one’s ability to lead, but it takes more to motivate others. Slow, reactive, passive people don’t tend to end up in leadership roles—and for good reason. It is also true that some people who otherwise don’t have much leadership skills or at least have not displayed much leadership in their growing up days would get trained and groomed to become a leader. A manager who doesn’t listen can’t really be a leader because he won’t know what’s truly happening around him.
The courage of your convictions, a certain degree of confidence, and a shared purpose also are necessary to get others to follow you. Motivation is March 20, 2013 -22 Comments Emoticons are basically your facial expressions on at particular April 26, 2013 -22 Comments Time lapse photography is a very unique and amazing March 30, 2013 -17 Comments Smiley is basically the expression of feeling. It is March 19, 2013 -14 Comments Tumblr is a social networking website which is becoming March 27, 2013 -8 Comments A meme is a picture with a caption that April 13, 2016 -0 Comments Sharks are incredible animals that are also one of March 08, 2016 -0 Comments Sometimes it takes a joke, a funny video, image February 24, 2016 -0 Comments Minions is a popular American 3D animated movie for February 21, 2016 -0 Comments The world we live in is beautiful.

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