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In this post, I offer ten time management tips to help you manage the complicated ritual of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. If you really want to prepare something overly complex, choose just one dish, and make sure the rest of your dishes are on the more basic, or simple side.
You can create your timeline with pencil and paper or put together a spreadsheet on your computer. You’ll want to make sure you have enough items on hand, otherwise you’ll end up doubling up on items and will have to wait for items to become available. Ask others to welcome and attend to guests, set the dinner table, refill beverages and snacks, or be on clean-up brigade in the kitchen, washing up dirty pots, pans, cutting boards and the like.
If you’re unsure as to how long it will take to prepare certain dishes, it’s best to give yourself more time.

This way, you’ll be able to make corrections as necessary, without feeling any time pressures. A great way to stay on track is to simply do a review of your progress at the start of every hour. Pull out your timeline, and ask yourself these basic questions: 1) Which dishes need to get started, 2) Which dishes are currently cooking, and 3) Which dishes are almost done?
Items that quickly turn brown when exposed to air, such as potatoes, apples, and the like, should be prepared on Thanksgiving Day. You’ll have more daytime hours to prepare everything, which can be a true lifesaver if you’re not an early riser.
As your time is limited on Thanksgiving Day, it makes sense to prepare a handful of items a day or two in advance. For example, pies, cakes, and cold dishes, such as cranberry sauce and pickles, all keep well.

Why not pull out your dinner meal plan and see which of your dishes can be prepared ahead of time? If you brainstorm the dishes you want to prepare on Thanksgiving Day a week in advance, make a grocery list, or sketch out your dinner table centerpiece, that’s a great start! You have a to-do list a mile long, you're juggling multiple calendars, and struggle keeping on top of it all.
Next, simply drop in the names of your dishes, according to the length of their preparation time.
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